Below are listed the technologies I have worked and I have experience, but I haven't problem in learn the most appropriate for your project.

  • Programming Languages: Objective-C (Cocoa, Cocoa touch, iOS 4, iOS 5), PHP (OOP, Web Services...), Perl, PL/SQL, ASP, Visual Basic, Action Script, Javascript.
  • Databases: MySQL, Oracle 9i (OAS), SQL Server, SQLite, Access, Firebird.
  • Web servers: Apache, IIS.
  • Operative systems: Windows, Linux, MAC OS X, iOS.
  • Specifications: CSS, HTML, XHTML.
  • Frameworks: jQuery, Mootools.
  • Libraries: pear, phpmailer, mimeparser, thumbnail, metabase, spreadsheet writeexcel, fpdf, html2pdf, jpgraph, tcpdf, php-gettext (poedit, internationalization); editinplace, jqGrid, forms, lightbox, tiny_mce.
  • Open source: Moodle, Joomla!, Wordpress, dotProject, PHProject, osCommerce.
  • APIs: Google Chart Tools, Youtube, Twitter, eBay, FusionCharts.
  • Protocols: SMTP, POP3, SMS (massive sending).
  • Hardware: communications serial / parallel, RS-232. GSM modems management.